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Kristi’s Book Nook Review of Colorful Kisses by author Melissa Fusarelli

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Colorful KissesColorful Kisses
Author & Illustrator: Melissa Fusarelli
Publisher: Perfected Pen Publishing
ISBN: 9780982773796


Molly is starting the day happy and ready to play. She asks her mommy what color are her kisses. Molly has all colors of kisses and they reflect her moods. Molly’s morning kisses are pink, soft and sweet just like cotton candy. When Molly learns something new her kisses are yellow. But when Molly can’t have her way her kisses turn dark.

Fusarelli has created colorful kisses on every page. Whimsical rhyme make for a fun read for any beginner. Soft pastel illustrations add warmth and depth to the meaning of this story. Parents and teachers will have fun sharing the colors and talking about the moods they represent. A really happy read for any preschooler who loves to smooch.

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Kristi’s Book Nook Review of Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth by Joan Schoettler

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Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth
Author: Joan Schoettler
Illustrator: Jessica Lanan
Ages 4 – 8

Publisher: Shen’s Books
Buy at: Amazon

Ji-su is a young girl who will soon loose her mother to the Sanguiwon Master. You see, Eomma is the finest seamstress in the land. It is an honor to be able to sew for the Sanguiwon. Eomma made the best
bojagi, the King had ever seen. Ji-su’s learns to be a seamstress from Gomo. Soon she will be so good that the Sanguiwon Master will love her bojagi and she will see her mother once again. As the seasons come and go Ji-Su practices until her fingers bleed. Finally, the day has come and she can show her best work. The day of the long walk to see her mother has arrived.

This is a wonderful story of determination and tradition. The watercolor illustrations help tell a soft story of family. Young readers will learn Korean culture and language through the eyes of a young girl. In the back of the book readers, teachers and homeschoolers will be able to study the glossary of terms and read the Author’s Notes about bojagi and the Joseon Dynasty.

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Kristi's Book Nook Review/Giveaway of Talee and The Fallen Object

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[learn_more caption=”Giveaway of Talee and The Fallen Object” state=”open”] It’s a book giveaway! For a chance to win this great story and the fantasy adventure coloring book just leave a comment at Kristi’s Book Nook ( along with your name and email and Tweet this post![/learn_more]
Talee And The Fallen Object
Author: Jacquitta A. McManus
Illustrator: Brian Hardison & Jacquitta A. McManus
Cover Painting by Toujour Byrd
Publisher: Wolds to Discover, LLC
Ages: 5 & up

Talee is eight, loves purple, yellow and big puffy muffins. She is from Gala, a planet with two moons with landmasses that float. She wants to share her adventure with you. An object falls from the sky and it’s a baby Capla she names Nola.

Young readers will love sitting down with Talee as she speaks to them as if they are sitting right there with her. This wonderful tale is a quick read for beginners and has pictures kids can color as they read along. Young readers will love learning about Talee and her world.

Talee also has a fantasy adventure coloring book. Giant pictures for kids to color that will allow them to utilize their imaginations and make Gala a world of their own. In the back is a place for kids to create and write their very own story to share with family and friends.

To learn more about author Jacquitta A. McManus please visit her site at Worlds To Discover.

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A Little Bit of Love

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A Little Bit of Love
by: Cynthia Platt

If you’ve ever taken the time to bake a cake, cookies or a pie with your little one, this is a great story to share with them. Small mouse wants a snack. Momma mouse offers her a piece of cheese, small mouse is tired of cheese. Small mouse is craving something sweet. Together she and momma mouse and go out together collecting things made with love to create a sweet tasting pie. All the things that they gather together are made with love by other animals in their community. Sharing this experience together is a symbol of love, caring and sharing.

This is an excellent way to share with a child. Bake something together and read this book. Parents can share stories about baking with their parent when they were a child. This is also a great way to open up dialogue about farmers and their produce and how things get to the grocery store. Everyone has a story like this to share.

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