Kristi’s Book Nook Review of Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth by Joan Schoettler

Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth
Author: Joan Schoettler
Illustrator: Jessica Lanan
Ages 4 – 8

Publisher: Shen’s Books
Buy at: Amazon

Ji-su is a young girl who will soon loose her mother to the Sanguiwon Master. You see, Eomma is the finest seamstress in the land. It is an honor to be able to sew for the Sanguiwon. Eomma made the best
bojagi, the King had ever seen. Ji-su’s learns to be a seamstress from Gomo. Soon she will be so good that the Sanguiwon Master will love her bojagi and she will see her mother once again. As the seasons come and go Ji-Su practices until her fingers bleed. Finally, the day has come and she can show her best work. The day of the long walk to see her mother has arrived.

This is a wonderful story of determination and tradition. The watercolor illustrations help tell a soft story of family. Young readers will learn Korean culture and language through the eyes of a young girl. In the back of the book readers, teachers and homeschoolers will be able to study the glossary of terms and read the Author’s Notes about bojagi and the Joseon Dynasty.

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