Kristi's Book Nook Review/Giveaway of Talee and The Fallen Object

[learn_more caption=”Giveaway of Talee and The Fallen Object” state=”open”] It’s a book giveaway! For a chance to win this great story and the fantasy adventure coloring book just leave a comment at Kristi’s Book Nook ( along with your name and email and Tweet this post![/learn_more]
Talee And The Fallen Object
Author: Jacquitta A. McManus
Illustrator: Brian Hardison & Jacquitta A. McManus
Cover Painting by Toujour Byrd
Publisher: Wolds to Discover, LLC
Ages: 5 & up

Talee is eight, loves purple, yellow and big puffy muffins. She is from Gala, a planet with two moons with landmasses that float. She wants to share her adventure with you. An object falls from the sky and it’s a baby Capla she names Nola.

Young readers will love sitting down with Talee as she speaks to them as if they are sitting right there with her. This wonderful tale is a quick read for beginners and has pictures kids can color as they read along. Young readers will love learning about Talee and her world.

Talee also has a fantasy adventure coloring book. Giant pictures for kids to color that will allow them to utilize their imaginations and make Gala a world of their own. In the back is a place for kids to create and write their very own story to share with family and friends.

To learn more about author Jacquitta A. McManus please visit her site at Worlds To Discover.

Review and Giveway by Kristi’s Book Nook



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