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Talee and the Fallen Object: Coloring Book Adventure

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Talee and the Fallen Object: Coloring Book Adventure
Author: Jacquitta A McManus
Illustrations by Brian Hardison & Jacquitta A McManus
Cover Painting by Toujour Byrd
Pages: 34
Age Range: 4 – 8
Size: 8×10
Publisher: Worlds To Discover, LLC.

Coloring Book Adventure: $3.99


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Go on a fun adventure with Talee in this new and exciting coloring book adventure.

Talee, a girl who lives on the gas planet Gala has her curiosity piqued when she sees an object fall from the backpack of a mail flyer and journeys out to see what it is.

She loves purple, yellow and big puffy muffins and lives on the planet Gala which has two moons and landmasses that float. And she wants to share her adventure with you.