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Life is a Journey

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Se’Quince Aiken is a seventeen year old senior with cerebral palsy  who had a dream to write a book. Find out more about her experience in writing Life is a Journey.


Writing my story Life is a Journey was a dream I had for a long time. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it come true until my mom helped me out. I thought after my grandpa passed away, I wouldn’t have the courage to continue because he was supposed to still be here with me to help my dream come true. Instead, my mom said should would work hard to make it happen not just for me but for my grandpa Billy. Now that I have finished, this shows anyone who is determined to do something should do it. Don’t look back because you will never do it. I was scared but I don’t regret it. Whatever the outcome is of my story at least I can say I tried with full support of my family.

The challenges were trying to remember the memories to put it all together. My mom had so many pictures from when I was born up until now. Looking back at those pictures helped me and my mom put my story into words. Life is full of challenges but with family by my side, I can stride forward and face the challenges ahead and succeed at the goals I set for myself.

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Life is a Journey
by Se’Quince Aiken

Paperback: 36 pages
Available at Amazon

My life’s journey with Cerebral Palsy from the time I was born up until now at seventeen years old.



Frizzy Tizzy And Wendy Hinbest

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Frizzy Tizzy and Author Wendy Hinbest

member_16759271I’m a children’s book author and I write a Frizzy Tizzy series, which are picture books for children three years old and up. I started writing shortly after I had my second daughter. I have written five books so far and all of them are based mostly on things my children have said or done. There are four main characters in all five of my books. The mother is me, the father is my husband, Frizzy Tizzy is my four year old daughter and Emma is Frizzy Tizzy’s best friend that I made up. Frizzy Tizzy meets her at the park in the first book and they become best friends. My four year old daughter has frizzy hair and I wanted to use a name that rhymes that children can say easily and remember, so that’s how I came up with the name Frizzy Tizzy. Frizzy Tizzy is a very smart, energetic girl but sometimes she can be stubborn. She is definitely a social butterfly as she loves other children. The mother is a stay at home mother who is very outgoing and loves spending time with her family. Her husband works hard for his family and always puts them first. My next book is going to be a big sister book as I want to incorporate my three year old daughter and my baby in the series.

Frizzy Tizzy Books

PrintFrizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park

Frizzy Tizzy spends the morning at the park with Mommy and Daddy. She wants to feel like a big girl, so she attempts to go down the bigger slide for the first time in her life.



PrintFrizzy Tizzy Cleans Up

Frizzy Tizzy really wants to go outside and play with Emma, but she’s not allowed until she cleans up her toys.



PrintFrizzy Tizzy Camps In

Frizzy Tizzy plans to have a camp-out with Mommy, Daddy and her friend Emma, but plans change when it starts to rain.



PrintFrizzy Tizzy Gets New Shoes

Frizzy Tizzy is enjoying her day with Mommy and Daddy, but is devastated when one of her favourite shoes gets ruined. What will Frizzy Tizzy do about her shoes?



PrintFrizzy Tizzy Dances

Frizzy Tizzy loves music and loves to dance. She looks forward to going to dance class and gets upset when it’s time to go home. Mommy and Daddy help Frizzy Tizzy turn her frown upside down.

Chocolate Fondue w/ Chef ReCee Jay And Friends

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Not your typical, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” story, Veggie Bunnie invites herself into Chef ReCee Jay’s house with a basket of strawberries. As she ‘hops’ right in, she notices that the two friends are singing and making treats in, a powdered sugar cloud, and wants to sing along too! The ever friendly pair, not only greets their stranger warmly, but listens in amazement, as she shows them a quick treat, that readers can make at home in fifteen minutes or less!

In C.Jovan William’s story, Our Picnic Surprise, Veggie dipped strawberries that she carried along with her, on a journey to her aunts house (Veggie has two aunts who are a hoot, but that’s another story!) in a bowl of chocolate that was heated and ready to serve. In this recipe she’s sharing today, a chocolate fondue dip is, but a microwave, or a stove top away.

Chocolate Fondue


1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
½ cup of half and half
1 teaspoon of vanilla (optional)
Assorted cuts of fruit, bread, cake, cookies, or even marshmallows


Double Boiler: Stir in chocolate chips and half and half in the top half of the double boiler over simmering heat. Stir in vanilla and then serve.

Microwave: Pour chocolate chips and half and half in a microwave safe bowl. Stir every 30 seconds. Stir in vanilla and then serve. Serve using bamboo skewers, fondue forks, or regular forks.

OurPicnicSurprise_coverChef ReCee Jay, a self-proclaimed chocolate addict, chimes in with a few pointers about the chocolate fondue recipe. “To help prevent crumbling, it’s best to use day old cakes or cookies. You can also stick your fruit in the fridge for a few hours or a day. Chilled fruit also allows the fondue to stick better.” ReCee Jay is not a professional chef, but she sure does cook a whole lot! She wants to leave readers with this tidbit of knowledge, “If you want to make more, or change the consistency of the fondue, use more or less cream, never add water. It will not give you the desired effect you are looking for,” she adds with a giggle.

Look for these fun loving characters in their first book, Our Picnic Surprise. In this story, Chef ReCee Jay and Carb are ready to set off on a picnic with a basket full of sugary treats. Before they set off on their joyous adventure, Veggie hops in with a song, and changes their whole day! It’s a picnic surprise for Chef ReCee Jay and Carb and you’ll be surprised at what Veggie can do too! Already garnering rave reviews; this book is sure to be a part of your children’s reading collection. C. Jovan Williams, in an effort to bring more attention to the book, wants to attend fairs and conventions to publicize her creation.

About the Author:

C. Jovan Williams was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but now resides in New Jersey. Her husband, Donnyell, is a United States Air Force member and as a blended family, they share three daughters together. She credits her writing inspirations from her experiences as a military spouse, a mother, college graduate, Government worker, silly daughter, and an overbearing older sister too many. Her overall message is that she hopes to promote a healthy well-being and bring Diabetes awareness to her readers after losing her father to Diabetes and Kidney Failure. You can follow along with Chef ReCee Jay & Friends via the Official Carb Cocoa Monkey YouTube channel, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


Preserving Culture One Book At A Time by Helvi Itenge

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Kishikishi The Bad Monster is one of my favorite childhood stories. I vividly remember asking mom to tell it over and over. When I was growing up, I loved the traditional stories/tales. Unfortunately there were no books for us to see the pictures of the monsters or the other characters in the stories.

There is a great sense of pride in seeing stories that you were told as a child, (such as Kishikishi The Bad Monster) developed into a book. It is like a captured piece of history, which can now be passed on for generations.

I started writing children books because I want our children and the new generation to know and enjoy these stories. 


About the story:

Kishikishi The Bad Monster is a traditional tale from Namibia. This is a wonderful imaginative book for children which has a repeating phrases and rhythmic text. Kishikishi was a big bad monster who came to a new land to eat everyone. One boy was brave enough to escape Kishikishi.


The main characters are Kishikishi and Penda.

Kishikishi was so big that everyone was afraid of him. He would go to people’s places and took advantage of them because he was too big.

Even though the monster was too big, there was always someone to help their people. 
In this story Penda helped his people by thinking quickly. As soon as he saw what the monster was doing, he took his tools and hid on a tall tree. At the end he saved everyone.

Traditional tales played a significant role in our lives when we were growing up. Yambeka Children Media is also publishing stories based on these tales, African culture, and our environment. We have created picture books in English, and African languages such as Swahili and Oshiwambo. Our goal is to publish books with many other African themes.

More books are coming!


Kishikishi The Bad Monster is available on Amazon


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