A Little Bit of Love

A Little Bit of Love
by: Cynthia Platt

If you’ve ever taken the time to bake a cake, cookies or a pie with your little one, this is a great story to share with them. Small mouse wants a snack. Momma mouse offers her a piece of cheese, small mouse is tired of cheese. Small mouse is craving something sweet. Together she and momma mouse and go out together collecting things made with love to create a sweet tasting pie. All the things that they gather together are made with love by other animals in their community. Sharing this experience together is a symbol of love, caring and sharing.

This is an excellent way to share with a child. Bake something together and read this book. Parents can share stories about baking with their parent when they were a child. This is also a great way to open up dialogue about farmers and their produce and how things get to the grocery store. Everyone has a story like this to share.

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