Take your child on a journey to the continent of Africa.

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MarlenaNkeneMarlena Nkene, series creator of the African American Legends for Little Learners©  is the lead illustrator and designer of the interactive apps and books. Her passion for all things history, particularly history of the diaspora, and early education led her to seek compelling methods of integrating both in ways that would be visually stimulating and interesting to young children.

As a mother of 3 young children under the age of 8 years old, she has had plenty of opportunities to test theories, formulate strategies and get first hand suggestions and feedback on them.  Her previous work includes, The Beautiful Daughters of Africa© Series cooloring fun activity books, Team Princess story books and apparel line. (still in development) and owner at Heritage Arts Illustrated the company under which she  brands her products.

TheBeautifulDaughtersofAfricaThe Beautiful Daughters of Africa

Paperback: 52 pages
Available on Amazon 
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Take your child on a journey to the continent of Africa. There are so many countries to explore and so much history to discover! The continent of Africa is rich in history beyond measure, but many history books do not include the many stories of ancient Africa nor the accomplishment of it’s peoples.


MarlenaNkene_photoWhats inside “The Beautiful Daughters of Africa” activity book series volume 1?

8 Beautiful Daughters
8 Featured African Countries
African History
Geographical Facts
Country Statistics
Traditional African Wisdom (Proverbs)
Delicious Recipes
Educational Activities
Coloring Pages
Fun Puzzles

Don’t let your child miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn about Africa in a way that gives them a sense of pride in themselves and presents the information with dignity, respect and honor!



Day 29 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Anyia – Dream of a Warrior by Jacquitta A. McManus

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LabyrinthsDoor-(Cover)smAnyia – Dream of a Warrior
by Jacquitta A. McManus

Paperback: 64 pages
Available at Amazon

Anyia’s dream of becoming a Nagoran warrior is challenged by her village’s traditional ways. Defying her father and ignoring her duties as a Yora, she breaks tradition to follow her dream of becoming a warrior during a time when Empress Zarina threatens the magic treaty that protects her village. Have her actions broken the magic treaty?


Day 28 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – I Am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I see… by Simone Da Costa

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IAmBeautifulI Am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I see…
by Simone Da Costa

Paperback: 32 pages
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An inspirational book that aims to empower young black girls. It liberates them to believe that they too are beautiful despite society’s notion of what beauty is.
In an era where the popular idealistic images of beauty are based on the Western World’s realism of beauty, it illustrates that beauty begins with knowing who you are, believing it and accepting yourself as you are.


Day 27 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Talee and the Fallen Object by Jacquitta A. McManus

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Day27_bannerTalee_Cover_webTalee and the Fallen Object
by Jacquitta A. McManus

Paperback: 19 pages
Available on Amazon

One early Saturday morning, Talee has nothing to do. I mean nothing at all. So she eats a puffy muffin and decides to read one of her favorite books, Captain Jewel and the Lost City Treasure. Just when she’s about to start chapter three, out of the corner of her eye she sees a mail flyer drop something from a bag. It falls through the air and lands on one of the smaller floating landmasses surrounding her family’s home. A bag of treasure! She thinks as she looks out the window. But is it?

Talee and the Fallen Object is a great elementary school-aged children’s book, as it will transport kids to Talee’s world, as seen through her own eyes. She creates vivid images from beginning to end as her curiosity piques when she sees an object fall from the backpack of a mail flyer and journeys out to see what it is. Don’t miss this unique adventure.


Day 26 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Kennedy’s Counting Kangaroo by Val Pugh-Love

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Val Pugh-Love is a children’s book author aiming to promote literacy through her books. Her debut title, “Jane’s Precious Jewel” topped the Amazon Bestseller’s listed, including the #1 and #2 spots.


KennedysCountingKangarooKennedy’s Counting Kangaroo
by Val Pugh-Love

Available at

Kennedy and her kangaroo have the perfect adventure to make counting fun! Hop along with them to see if you can figure out which number they missed!



Day 25 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books -Jack and the Red Beanstalk by Aphrodyi Antoine

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Day25_bannerJackAndTheRedBeanstalkJack and the Red Beanstalk
by Aphrodyi Antoine

Paperback: 38 pages
Available at Amazon

Just like any kid, Jack dreams of being a hero. In the reimagined story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack explores Hewa, the world of the giants. With Grandpa’s help, Jack uses his smarts and some very special tools passed down through the generations to defeat the giants.



Day 24 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Frizzy Tizzy by Wendy Hinbest

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Frizzy Tizzy Cleans Up
by Wendy Hinbest

Paperback: 20 pages
Available at Amazon

Frizzy Tizzy really wants to go outside and play with Emma, but she’s not allowed until she cleans up her toys.

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