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Cherese Vines Book Review & Giveaway: Princess Kandake: Warrior By Choice…Appointed to Rule

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Princess Kandake: Warrior By Choice…Appointed to Rule by Stephanie Jefferson follows the story of Princess Kandake, one of four of King Amani’s children. In a kingdom rich with culture, wealth and peace, girls can grow up to be artisans, warriors and even queen. Kandake desires to be a warrior and worries that Great Mother will not choose her to be Prime Warrior to the kingdom of Nubia. What she fears most comes to fruition when Great Mother not only doesn’t name her Prime Warrior, but she instead names her the next Queen of Nubia. How can she be what she’s been called to be while being who she was meant to be?

Princess Kandake is full of rich sights, aromas and sounds. It skillfully captures the feel of the Nile and the kingdom of Nubia and her people. It is a very peaceful and loving kingdom. Everything and everyone acts with respect and discipline above everything else even in the face of adversity and death. Princess Kandake’s family is loving and supportive. The royal children rarely do anything to shame themselves, their family or the kingdom. Nubian warriors are the epitome of warrior without match.

Rumors of war surface, and then Kandake’s elder brother Alara goes missing from a hunting trip. Tough decisions must be made to avoid war, maintain alliances and locate her brother. Kandake and her remaining siblings get a crash course in being leaders of Nubia. She in turn has to struggle with her warrior instincts and her role as Nubia’s next queen. Her character is tested several times and she grows in reconciling her desires with what is expected of her.

The different characters, from Kandake’s brothers to Great Mother to best friend Ezena are simplistic. They serve their purpose, but really stayed somewhat vague. I didn’t see a difference between Alara and the other brother Natasen in speech. We were told that they were different instead of shown. Although Princess Kandake’s sister Tabiry becomes a source of conflict, she is nothing more than annoying rather than an actual adversary.

The descriptions of Kandake’s home and way of life are vivid, including sounds and scents. One thing that I was impressed with was the description of how an animal was deemed “healthy” by scent. I thought that kept well with the time and place of the novel. Nowadays most people couldn’t tell much about nature except what we see on PBS.

Also, even though the story is set in the past, the speech is not so archaic that it is hard to follow. This is an easy read with quick chapters. Princess Kandake is well put together with some great description, and enough action and adventure to make it an interesting story.

On the downside, the “perfect” life of Nubia depicted, and the resolution of problems and conflicts are a bit too utopian. It lacks the drama and feeling of urgency and danger to make it truly great reading. For me, the conflicts did not elicit enough emotional response. However, with an open-ended conclusion, Princess Kandake may face greater dangers in the future that will draw me closer to the characters and their plights.

I would recommend this book for a quick read. Ages: 11+

Rating 3.7/5

Reviewed by Cherese Vines
I was provided with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Giveaway: Princess Kandake: Warrior By Choice…Appointed to Rule
by Stephanie Jefferson

In Nubia a woman can be whatever she chooses. At 14, Kandake knows exactly what she chooses…Prime Warrior of Nubia. But her grandmother has said that she will follow her father on the throne.

Refusing to abandon her warrior dreams she continues to train. When her brother is kidnapped, Kandake learns she must be both queen and warrior to win his release!

1 Copy available

Ending: December 2, 2012

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Open to U.S. residents only.

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Ellen's Broom Blog Tour Giveaway

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As part of the Ellen’s Broom blog tour author Kelly Starling Lyons will be giving away a grand prize to anyone who leaves a comment on any of the tour stops. So please read the interview and review of Ellen’s Broom and leave a comment for your chance to win a decorated wedding broom courtesy of Stuart’s Creations ( and a poster of the Ellen’s Broomcover. The winner will be drawn on January 16.

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MyMcBook Blog: Book Review & Giveaway: Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and more. Ends Dec 27th

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Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and More English · Español · Français

An “a, b, c” introduction to English, Spanish, and French. Readers will learn to identify familiar foods, animals and objects in all three languages. Knowing more than one language enriches vocabulary, improves academic performance, and enhances future work options.

Review: Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and more is an effective way to teach your child about the alphabets in three different languages.

The pictures are simple, bold and colorful. It will help your child learn how to identify letters, colors, numbers, days and months not only in English but in Spanish and French.

For example the word Apple in Spanish is la manzana and in French is it la pomme.

Dr Little added more pictures and words for the letter A. A for Ape, el momo and le singe and A for Arm, el brazo and le bras. B for banana, el platano and labanane. B for bear, el oso and l’ours. This book will grab your child’s attention. Just imagine your child learning words in Spanish and French. I would recommend this book for early learning.

Giveaway Ends December 27. To Enter visit: MyMcBooks


MyMcBook Book Review/Giveaway: The Day No One Played Together

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The Day No One Played Together: A story about compromise by Donalisa Helsley and illustrated by Sara Harkey

Jadyn and Genesis want to play and have fun but neither one wants to play what the other one wants to. What will they do? Will they be able to brainstorm and find a way to play together? Will they play alone? The Day No One Played together teaches an important lesson in a fun way. Join these sisters in the first of their series.

Review: A story about two sisters who decided to go outside and play. Both had a different ideal on what they would like to do. Genesis wanted to play in the playhouse while Jadyn wanted to build castles and make stuff in the sand. But neither one wanted to play what the other wanted to. In this book their mom did a great job teaching the children about learning how to come up with ideals on how to compromise. I think is fair to say that not only children can relate but adults too.

The message in this book is about compromising. The Day No One Played Together teaches us that knowing how to compromise is a key component to a good and healthy relationship. Parents and teachers should teach children that compromising doesn’t mean giving up but making a deal where one person gives a part of his or her demand.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Harkey with realist expression that brings this book to life. I highly recommend The Day No One Played Together not only for your children’s library but for classroom teaching.

Pages: 26

Giveaway Ends December 19th.
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Mama, When Will I Be Popular Book Giveaway

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I’m back with another book giveaway. This one comes from Thomasina F. Johnson with Mama, When Will I Be Popular.

Thomasina sent me a paperback edition of Mama, When Will I Be Popular for a free giveaway. To enter this giveaway click here and fill out the entry form before the end of the day Friday, October 28, 2011. In order to be eligible to win, you may enter the giveaway only once. Once a winner has been chosen I will post the winner’s name on twitter as well as send the winner an email for shipping information. This giveaway is for the US only.

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A mother and daughter talk, that provides insight into how today’s struggles will teach her daughter to triumph in her future endeavors. It’s the concept of, what people mean for evil now will eventually work out for the good in you! Don’t give up!