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Day 3 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Nola The Nurse: She’s On The Go by Scharmaine Baker

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NolaTheNurse_TheGoNola The Nurse: She’s On The Go
Vol 1
by Scharmaine Baker

Paperback: 64 pages
Available at Amazon

Nola wants to be a nurse practitioner just like her mom. She has learned how to care for people of all ages and now visits her friends to heal their sick baby dolls. Along the way, she learns more about her culturally diverse world.

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Day 2 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Broken Glass by Greg Burnham

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Broken Glass
by Greg Burnham

Is the truth worth the trouble? A six-year-old, baseball loving child with a vivid imagination has a tough decision to make. He engages in a forbidden act–baseball in the house, and breaks his window! His imagination runs wild as he tries to decide if he should tell his parents or hide the accident.  “Now I know why Mommy says ‘Don’t throw that ball inside my house!'”   Available at Amazon.com

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Day 1 of 29 Celebrating Black Children’s Books – Superstar Me: Adanna and the Dog Star by Dale Wells-Marshall

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Dale Wells-Marshall is a mother to two beautiful children, and an educator of 13 years’ experience, in both Primary and Junior High School. She is a Naturalista, children’s event planner, mompreneur and author.

Empowering children has forever been her passion and purpose.  Through creative extracurricular programs and summer camps, she has done just that over the years.

Often, she can be found on a sandy beach, immersed in the beautiful waters of her home in The Bahamas; or stargazing underneath a starry sky.

She loves writing, science,  reading, public speaking and nature.


SuperstarMeSuperstar Me:
Adanna and the Dog Star
by Dale Wells-Marshall

Paperback: 60 pages
Available on Amazon and www.starinspiredbooks.com
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Adanna Anderson is a 10-year-old island girl from Andros. She has the sun in her skin and stars in her eyes. Adanna explores Androsian pine forests, dreams of space travel and loves stargazing on her sandy beach backyard with her dad. Daddy is a genius and her best friend. But, when he mysteriously disappears at sea, Adanna is heartbroken and devastated!

To make things even worse, Adanna starts to feel like an ugly “nobody”, thanks to some mean kids at school.  Will daddy ever come back home? Can the help of a few friends from beyond Adanna’s wildest dreams, rescue her from drowning in sadness?

Join Adanna, as she discovers a secret about herself that is more spectacular than she could have ever imagined! The truth will change her world AND YOURS forever!



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The Adventures of Princess Summer by Crystal McKnight

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CrystalMcKnightCrystal McKnight was born and raised in Ahoskie, North Carolina. She holds a bachelor of arts in dramatic arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During her college career, Crystal fell in love with writing after being exposed to an array of literary works, which inspired her to put her pen to paper. Although she continued to wrte throughout her college career, it wasn’t until she became a mother that she decided to write a children’s book. After earning her master’s in education, she became the center director of the Sylvan Learning Center in Durham.

She is the mother of two beautiful girls, Summer and Savannah, and the wife to a supportive husband, Anthony. Her daughters loved The Adventures of Princess Summer so much that she felt it was only right to share it with the world. Crystal’s goal is to inspire children to read books, learn, and cultivate their imaginations through this story and future publications.

TheAdventuresOfPrincessSummerThe Adventures of Princess Summer
by Crystal McKnight

Paperback: 18 pages
Available on Amazon
Princess Summer is a bubbly, loving little girl with everything at her fingertips—as long as she stays within the palace walls. She longs to explore the land of Savannah, which sits beyond her castle, outside the golden gates. Seems simple enough—but not according to her parents’ rules. Princess Summer is not allowed to leave the castle. But when boredom strikes and magic comes to the rescue, anything is possible. Journey with Princess Summer as she explores the land of Savannah with her newfound magic.



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