Illustrator Gregory Garay

GregoryGarayI’m a blactino artist who is a Bronx native, Brooklyn Affiliated, and a Pittsburgh transplant. My mission in life is to bring great visual story telling with people of color as lead characters. I love to illustrate and animate. For more information visit my website at

GregoryGaray_art2 GregoryGaray_art1

Ellis and The Magic Mirror

by Cerece Rennie MurphyEllisAndTheMagicMirrorCover
Illustrator Gregory Garay

Paperback: 37 pages
Available at Amazon
Ellis and The Magic Mirror is about a young boy who finds a magic mirror and discovers that there is a secret society of trolls hiding out at his school that is trying to prevent children from learning.  The book takes readers on an action-packed adventure as Ellis, his best friend, Toro, and his little sister, Freddye head deep into the forest to solve the mystery of the mischievous trolls.

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