The First Day of School by Jeanine Nicole


The First Day of School by Jeanine Nicole

Page Count: 24
Genre: Picture Book
Available at:

Jasmine has just started preschool. She is so excited for her first day of school, but her mean brother, Tommy, makes her believe that school is scary. Will Jasmine have fun on her first day of school or will she be too scared to even leave her room?

Hello Jeanine!  Welcome to Inside The Books. How are you doing today? Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a children’s book author?
My name is Jeanine Nicole and I am a 27 year old single mother of two boys, 7 and 3. I have been writing since I was 5 years old and have always known that that would be my career path.

I know many things can inspire an idea for a book. What was the inspiration for your book The First Day of School?
The inspiration for “The First Day of School” actually came from my oldest son getting ready to transition into kindergarten. He was asking me different questions about school and how it would be different from Pre-K and I was giving him all the correct answers, but I thought about how it would be different if he had an older sibling and they would probably try to joke around with him and scare him. 30 minutes later, the book was complete.

Can you share with us an unknown fact about the book? Like something that appeared in the first draft that was edited out by the final draft.
I don’t have any unknown facts really about the book. Something that I thought was interesting is that I found the illustrator on Facebook. He was one of my friends, but I had no idea who he really was. We were both on the same bus the day of our meeting, sitting right across from each other. We didn’t realize who we were to each other until we got off at the same stop.

Image 1_small2

Without giving to much of the story away, can you tell us about the main character and her journey?
The main character is Jasmine. She is beginning Pre-K and she asks her older brother, Tommy, how school is. He decides to tell her that school is not fun at all and she ends up being scared of going.

If I was able to talk to Jasmine right now, how would she answer this questions: If there was one thing you could tell readers to look forward to as the read your adventure what would it be?
Jasmine would tell the readers that they could look forward to her finding out, on her own, if school is a scary place or if it is the opposite. The young readers would be able to benefit because they may have had these same fears but they can see from her experience that it is the complete opposite.

Do you plan on publishing any more children books?
I have another book that is published entitled “The College Tour” that is geared towards an audience for preteens and teenagers. I also plan on publishing more books in this series with Jasmine and publishing more books for adults as well.

Do you have any events coming up that you would like to share?JeanineNicole_sm
I do have an event coming up in Atlanta in May where I will be selling books at a marathon event downtown. I am currently trying to come up with a children’s event as well in the summer to help promote the book as well.

One of the most recent social sites that I’ve started using is Instagram. Which site do you like to use the most?
Right now, my favorite social media site to use is Facebook because I have it for my websites page,, and my business page, A DayDream Production.

Thank you so much for this. I truly appreciate it and I can’t wait to see the finishing product.



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