Interview with the author of the book series Yay! I know my… Andrea L’Artiste

ALartisteAs a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and her natural gift of art, at age 12, Andrea L’Artiste developed the desire to write and illustrate children’s book. It wouldn’t be until much later in life that she puts her creativity into books. She recently founded and started the publishing company MyTinyPages.Booksforkids, where she is also an author and illustrator.

Andrea wrote and illustrated her first book and released it in 2011. Yay! I know my ABC’s, 123’s, and colors too! This book would be the first in the educational series for small children. In 2012 she went on to create and release her second book, entitled Yay! I know my MATH! Currently Andrea is preparing to release her third book, Yay! I know my STATES and CAPITALS of U.S.A, September 16, 2013.





MathPTN MathGTN ABCtn  StatesTN


First, I want to congratulate you on your company and your books. I love the fun nature of your Facebook fan page and think that you have a really good personality to create concept books that will teach children their basics.

Can you tell us about your publishing company, My Tiny Pages?
MyTinyPages.Booksforkids is a Publishing Company, where I am also an Author and Illustrator. I started it in 2011, while writing my first book. Interestingly, there is now a little more to MyTinyPages.Booksforkids. I have created characters from my Brand/Logo. They are 5 cute little books, which makes up the (p-a-g-e-s) And their names are Patrick, Adam, Gina, Erica, and Sam. And we are currently paving a road for these little guys. 🙂

When did you know that you were going to start a publishing company?
The way “MyTinyPages” came about was really on a whim. I always knew that I wanted to write and Illustrate for Children, but I had no idea that I would start my own Brand/Publishing Company until during the creation of my first book. After reading and learning how the “Publishing” process works, I opted out, and decided to do it myself. I have a degree in Business, so I knew that It was something I could make happen myself. I never presented my book to a publishing Company.

I think Yah! I know my… is a fun title for a concept book series. How did you come up with it?
How I came up with the concept of Yay!?
lol Well, it is a term used frequently by children, and now adults. lol! I wanted to capture the essence of “Child-like & Fun, inside of this series. And the “I know my”? We hear kids saying that  all the time “I know my abc’s, I know how to ride a bike, I know how to write my name. Kids always wants to “know how” to do something. So that is how I came up with that part. 🙂

Since all of your books are part of a series, do you have one character that runs throughout all of your books?
There are no particular characters in the first series. Just really bright and colorful objects and things that kids like. But, The Adventures of MyTinyPages book series (P)atrick, (A)dam, (G)ina, (E)rica, and (S)am will begin in 2014.

I have always loved concept books. I brought a lot of them when my kids where learning their basics. I think for me it was because of the bright colors and characters as well as the joy of seeing them point out things on the pages. I loved to see them learn. An although I don’t see myself creating a concept book I have a real appreciation for them. What is the inspiration behind your books?
Well, before I started my first book. I thought to myself. I have to do something different. I can’t do what everyone else is doing. I want to be remembered. I want my books to leave an impression. A good one. lol. I wanted to bring something different to the Children’s book world…A new look. This is where color and 3D appearance comes in. Colors are a big deal for MyTinyPages. Being an artist, I’ve always loved bright colors. And it is what holds the attention of small children.

I’ve just recently started to get into digital illustrations. (Thanks to Wacom and their great tablets.)  I find that I love creating images. Especially since I see so many in my head. My illustrations sometimes help me in developing a story while at other times they are created to tell a story already written. How do the illustrations for you book develop? Do you see them in your head or do you create them based off the words written for your book?
My ideas come to me throughout the day. (driving, eating, shower, daydreaming lol wherever) They come as clear images, and I just create them.

I know for me writing came come quick and easy or long and slow. Tell us about your writing process?
My writing process, it was pretty simple for the first book. It is basically an Alphabets, Colors, and Numbers book. Describing the objects. The Math book, however, required  more of a writing process, as it is a rhyming book. I’ve always liked writing poetry therefor it wasnt so hard coming up with things that rhyme. 🙂

I noticed that your book Yah! I know my Math! is in both a pink and green cover. Are they the same book or do they offer different information?
Yay! I know my MATH! comes in Pink and Green,because I wanted to do something a little extra for the parents. People like to feel as If they have an option. Don’t you agree? lol  Pink for the girls, Green for the boys. But hey let me tell you, the printing cost is a lot more! So no more color options in future books. lol And yes, it is the same book.

I see that you have a lot of images of kids with your books on you fan page. That has to be a great feeling. Can you tell us about your most rewarding experience?
Oh seeing kids read my books is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced. Because I know that I am helping some little one learn to read.

Chuck E. Cheese has to be one of the most popular destination for all kids. Can you tell us about your partnership with them?
Chuck E. Cheese is a place all kids love to go. I was looking for a place to read my book to kids, and I came up with the idea of Chuck E. Cheese. Instant access to parents. Where I can personally speak with them. But some kids can still be a little distracted by everything else going on at the Cheese’s. 🙂 We will see how this works out.

What book do you plan on publishing after Yay! I know my STATES?
Adventures of MyTinyPages beginning in 2014.

Do you have anything that you would like to share with your readers?
Do I have anything I would like to share with my readers? Yes, We don’t count the number of books we sell, Instead we count the number of children we’ve reached. MyTinyPages and I, love and appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. 🙂
Thank you Andrea L’Artiste. We wish you much success!

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