Character Interview with Mrs Kishikishi from Kishikishi The Bad Monster

I’m happy to welcome Mrs Kishikishi from Kishikishi The Bad Monster written by Helvi Itenge Wheeler to Inside The Books.

Kish_smSynopsis: Kishikishi The Bad Monster is a traditional tale from Namibia. This is a wonderful imaginative book for children which has a repeating phrases and rhythmic text. Kishikishi was a big bad monster who came to a new land to eat everyone. One boy was brave enough to escape Kishikishi. Read this book and find out what happened.

Paperback available on Amazon for $9.50
Ebook available on Amazon for $2.99



Thanks for stopping by Inside The Books today. To get started can you tell me your name and where you live? Mrs Kishikishi. I live in Tsandi, Uukwaluudhi, Namibia.

Who do you live there with?
I live with my Husband Mr. Kishikishi and our two children.

I know Tsandi must be a great place to grow up. Can you tell us about your favorite things to do there?
Play with my kids, and teach children good lessons in life!

Great! I bet you also have a favorite food. What is it?
I eat vegetables and fruits like Eembe, and eendunga found in Ovamboland northern part of Namibia.

Kishikishi_blogImageSmNow the journey you went on in (Kishikishi The Bad Monster) sounds interesting. Can you tell us about it?
I like running around scaring kids, but really I’m not that bad. Many parents in the northern part of Namibia have used me in their bed time stories to scare their children to stay away from strangers and tech them important lessons in their life. There are many more stories about me; I can say I’m popular, and fun!

What was your favorite part of your adventure?
Singing, I love singing and I noticed that many children enjoy singing too. You will find that in most of the stories about Kishikishi, there are songs!

Did you learn any lessons on this journey?
It’s important to stay away from strangers, and you don’t need to muscles to save your community.

Are you planning on going on any more adventures?
There are hundreds of stories about me and some with my family coming your way soon! Yambeka Children Media will publish more of these stories.

Well it was nice meeting you. Before you go is there anything you would like to share?
Storytelling greatly increases knowledge in children. The children will learn about good and bad, various places, practices in life, through stories. In summary, stories also allow children to know about their own cultural, and others.

Great! Well that was Mrs Kishikishi from Kishikishi The Bad Monster. To buy Kishikishi The Bad Monster click here.

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