Free on Kindle for 2 Days: Veggie’s Bully (Chef ReCee Jay & Friends) by C. JoVan Williams

Veggie's Bully

Veggie’s Bully (Chef ReCee Jay & Friends) by  C. JoVan Williams  is free for 2 days.

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A Book Encouraging Self Esteem for Readers Young and Old

A book inspiring lessons about self love, Veggie Bunnie learns something that all readers need to know…. Love yourself, no matter what others may say! Filled with colorful illustrations, this book follows Veggie’s relationship with her friends Carb Monkey and his Uncle Bear. Throughout the book, ‘Carb’ wants to get even with the bully that is bothering Veggie, whereas ‘Uncle Bear’ wants her to take a different approach. This book encourages readers to be the best person they can be, regardless of how people may act around them.

The author, Mrs. Williams states, “Instilling self confidence and promoting humility are hard characteristics to balance. I think this will be a great conversation starter about not letting the bad words of a few, destroy the positive image you want to have of yourself.”

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