Kristi’s Book Nook Review of Galstanberry #3: The Girlz of Galstanberry Series

Galstanberry 3

Galstanberry #3:
The Girlz of Galstanberry Series

Author: Garen S. Wolff
Illustrator: Little Tree Designs/Thornpallette
Publisher: Wolff House Books and Publishing
ISBN: 9780615668406

Available on Amazon


Galstanberry Academy is a pretty average school considering its prestige. The girls that attend have the same worries and concerns as any other school. They worry about their hair, nails, shoes and clothes. Making friends isn’t easy either. At Galstanberry, which friends you make can be the difference between winning or losing a class president election. At least this is the case for Team Tabitha and Team Brandi.

Tabitha and Brandi are roommates and competitors for the class presidency. Tabitha is well traveled, but Brandi is just the opposite. Tabitha finds Brandi to be very interesting. On the other hand, Brandi doesn’t hesitate to challenge Tabitha’s views and ideas. Both girls stubbornness create an environment that prohibits friendship from being an option. In order to bring awareness, in regards to the upcoming election, each team is preparing for an event for votes. Team Brandi has decided on a poetry slam to gather potential voters. Team Tabitha is planning to wear t-shirts advertising and honoring a vote for Tabitha theme, and of course there will be an order form for anyone who wants to buy a shirt in support of Tabitha. And so, the battle begins.

Wolff walks readers through the pains of being in school and the sixth grade. It’s not just about an education but finding out who you are and where you fit in. Young readers will recognize the mean girls, the book worms and the cliques that form in any social environment. Most of all, Wolff takes readers on a journey on how to stand up and be the person you can be. Wolff has also provided a fun read for young girls who are into all the girlie stuff, like fashion, accessories and hairdos.

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