What happens when a group of kids are left with only their imaginations… They become the Fearless Five

the fearless five013004Who are the Fearless Five…
A group of young children that imagine themselves as superheroes to entertain themselves once their parents take away their video games and TV. In each episode, they find something interesting or challenging and build a storyline around it. Their storyline ties back to their imagined adversaries the “Swarm”, which is a group of villains working to exploit each child’s “weaknesses”. During that time, the children explore their own potential and work to overcome those challenges together. Concepts on self-esteem, determination, teamwork and caring for others and our environment are laced throughout as common themes.

the fearless five013001What is the message…
Children can use their God-given talents to overcome barriers in life as well as magnify their own gifts to succeed. The Fearless Five represents the result of children using their imaginations creatively to have fun while overcoming negative influences. Through the Fearless Five, they are not confined to their current situations. For example, Joshua is overweight, but Blaze has superhuman speed and agility. The twins Chai and Daia are smaller for their ages, but they are able to show incredible physical strength or mastery of their environment. Nathan has difficulty, at times, with staying on task, but as Bender, he is able to focus his mind in tremendous ways. Hannah, as Phenom, shows how a young lady can be intelligent and challenge societal norms of what “leaders” should be. Most importantly, in each episode, the children are unable to overcome their adversaries individually but must work together using their talents and powers, collectively. This shows that children can use their innate abilities and imaginations to build confidence in taking risks in order to succeed at overcoming any obstacle and are not limited by the definitions or labels put forth by others.

What are the underlying themes…
• Self-esteem • Determination • Teamwork • Empowerment • Moral lessons
• Problem-solving • Educational topics • Caring about self
• Caring for others • Protecting environment

Episode Descriptions


Episode 1:

Using imagination and building confidence;
36 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9846796-0-7

What happens when a group of five kids are left alone with their imaginations instead of sitting in front of a TV or video game? You get the beginning of the Fearless Five. What adventures will Nathan, Joshua, Hannah, Daia and Chai uncover?


Episode 2:

Dealing with ‘strangers’
36 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9846796-1-4

Where are all the baby birds and why did they go missing? What are Dr. Dome and the rest of the Swarm up to? The Fearless Five are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and bring the baby birdies back home.


Episode 3:

Conserving resources (water)
36 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9846796-2-1]

The Fearless Five are on a mission to find out why it has been so hot and dry. Is it just the weather or could Dr. Dome and the Swarm be up to something else sinister and diabolical? The team has their work cut out for them this time.


Episode 4:

Being energy conscious
36 pages; ISBN

What happened to the power? The Fearless Five have to get to the bottom of the mystery behind why power is out all over the city. What are Dr. Dome and the rest of Swarm up to now? The team has to shed some light on this in a hurry!


Episode 5:
Dealing with bullying situations
40 page
ISBN: 978-0-9846796-4-5]

Where is Phenom? The Fearless Five must find out what happened to their friend and leader of their team. Are Dr. Dome and the Swarm up to their usual antics? The team has to clean this mess up quick!


All five of the books in the series are distributed by HNK Concepts and are now available for $4.99 each and can be ordered directly through the website:


The impetus for the creation of the concept revolved around the lack of product choice in the marketplace that offers positive self-imagery for young, Black children. The first product to come from this concept is a five-book series, targeting pre-K to 3rd grade children. The book series offers world-class artwork and exciting storylines coupled with positive themes around teamwork, determination, self-esteem, caring for others and caring for the environment. Each book has a dedicated topic such as: using imagination and self-esteem (episode 1), dealing with ‘strangers’ (episode 2), conserving natural resources such as water (episode 3), being energy conscious (episode 4) and handling bullying situations (episode 5). In each episode, the team must overcome the initial self-defeating views they have of their potential while battling an imagined team of villains, the Swarm, constantly challenging them. In the end, they come to discover their true potential, which sets them on a path to success.

The ultimate goal of the Fearless Five concept is to support parents, teachers and loved-ones of young children in raising up the next generation of confident, caring, and conscientious global citizens. Children, in general, and young, Black children, in particular, should grow up believing that they are powerful and full of potential, instead of feeling they are helpless and hopeless. This effort is our way of contributing to this goal.”

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ABOUT HNK Concepts:

HNK Concepts seeks to be a preeminent product development company focusing on the consumer products opportunities presented within the niche of young, children ages three to seven years old and will be a driving force in bringing innovative, high-quality products that offer the children positive imagery within the targeted categories of apparel, video, toys and games, software and print media product lines.


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