Mama, When Will I Be Popular?

Mama, When Will I Be Popular
By: Thomasina F. Johnson


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About the Author

Thomasina is a wife and mother of seven beautiful children. She loves giving insight into the different challenges in life! And as seen throughout the book making Thomasina’s Cookie Pizzas. Thomasina has had to struggle with her fair share of bullies in one form or another. This has brought her to a place where she can encourage her own children as well as others to hang in there, life gets better and makes you stronger. I never want to see a child hurt themselves because they feel as though this is all it is to life.


This book is to encourage those who have wanted to “fit in” but are disappointed because they’re not. A mom and daughter talk providing wisdom and hopefully a different outlook to the troubles of this little one’s life.

When we are teased or picked on, it’s helpful to know that even that has a purpose! That purpose is to make you stronger or maybe, mindful not to be like those who hurt you.


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