MyMcBook Review/Giveaway of Talee and the Fallen Object

Talee and the Fallen Object – Fantasy Adventure Coloring Book

Talee, a girl who lives on the gas planet Gala has her curiosity piqued when she sees an object fall from the backpack of a mail flyer and journeys out to see what it is.

My Review: If you love reading about adventures then let Talee who is eight years old take you on a fantasy adventure. When Talee notice something fallen out of the mail flyer’s bag from the sky she couldn’t wait to see what it was. Talee let her curiosity get the better of her by leaving home and not letting her parents know. She learnt an important lesson about safety.

The author also added a coloring book with giant pictures featuring scenes in the book. Any child that loves to color would love to bring this coloring book to life with fun colors. And you can write your own adventure at the back of the coloring book. I highly recommend this book for young readers as it is a light chapter book to start children with.

For Giveaway information visit: MyMyBook Blog


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