Labyrinth's Door – Anyia "Dream of a Warrior"

Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia “Dream of a Warrior”
Review by:
Kristi Bernard (Kristi’s Book Nook)

What kid doesn’t challenge traditions? Without really understanding how traditions come to pass, most kids think they are cumbersome and old school. Kids feel there are too many rules and beliefs which just adds extra pressure to their existing growing pains. Anyia is no different.

Anyia is left with the burden of becoming the next Yora, just like her mother. This exciting adventure begins in the village of Nagoran. Anyia is the daughter of the Chief. She will take over her mother’s responsibilities as Yora. For Anyia this is mindless work, cooking and cleaning for the rest of her life with the other woman of the village.

The village needs warriors. The Empress Zarina and her magic will jeopardize all that they have known and loved in regards to traditions. Anyia wants to have the choice to fight and preserve the lands that belong to her people.

“I do believe in most of the traditions. And my father is to be respected…he is a man of gravitas. I just don’t know how I can be the daughter he expects while still following my own heart. My own dreams,” she said. “He only wishes me to become a Yora like my mother.”

She closed her eyes and whispered, “I am a warrior. I am a warrior. I am a warrior.”

Anyia is on a quest to find Amoonda. She is a warrior and can teach her everything she knows. With her help Anyia will be able to fight the war with her father and protect the lands and the traditions. You have to finish reading the story to see if Anyia completes her quest.

Note: Parents and Teachers
This is a wonderful adventure for girls and boys. This is a good book to bring about dialogue for family, traditions, growing up and following your heart. There are drawing instructions and puzzles in the back of the book which just add even more fun to this book.

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